december 19, 2016

Photo Healing

What is Photo Healing?

For you who doesn't have the possibility to travel to John of God, there is the possibility to request healing on distance. It is done through your photo, which will be shown to John of God. 

The light beings operating at Casa and incorporating in John of God, many of them well known healers and doctors, are in service to the human family to help with our evolution in this big time of change we are going through and also for their own evolution as beings. They are working in the fifth dimension - providing high vibration frequency energies for deep healing of our personal, individual and collective healing.  In fifth dimension place and time doesn't exist in the same way as here, which makes possible that they can operate and support healing, even on distance. 

How does it work? 

I will show your picture to John of God and the entities, they scan the picture and receive your prayers and from that moment they will work with you to support you in your healing process. 

There is no magic that happens over the night and the healing occurs to us. The power of healing resides inside ourselves. The entities say they do half of the work, the rest is up to us. They help us but raising out energy field to a higher vibration, so we can redirect our focus of attention to the solution. Often we try to solve a problem/a issue at the same vibration frequency there is was created, which many of us already know, it doesn't work. The healing energies that are send to us, help us to raise our vibration, but also give us the necessary guidance through visions, dreames, awakened memories, deeper understanding, insights to direct ourselves to the solution. It’s up to us to complete the healing, by engaging and allowing/ letting go of that what is it as it is, changing our way of thinking and behaving, and create something new. 

The entities prescribe energy medicine - herbs (se below more info about it) to provide the energy frequency necessary for healing during the period of time that is necessary for us humans to integrate a new pattern of energy. 

If you want to take photo healing you need to send me: 

  • a recent picture of you: over body and face, if possible white cloths. 
  • your full name
  • your birth date
  • adress - there you usually sleep - so the entities know where you are.
  • adress - where you want me to send the medicine 
  • your prayers/request for healing
  • payment of 600 SEK 

You send all these information in one email to this email 


Send 3, maximum 4 prayers. By example: Please heal me for the sickness../ my problem/ my relationship to .. etc. 

I recommend to keep the prayers quite open - pray for what you want to change from the place of not knowing. (often we believe we know why something is not working for us, but if we would know then we wouldn't have the problem). 

The prayers can be about your physical condition or situation (sickness, financial  situation, work situation), relationships, emotional or mental energy patterns that you see blocking or sabotaging you. It can also be about your spiritual growth. Everything is welcome. 

I will reproduce your prayers exactly as you send it to me and our communication is confidential. 

What happens later? 

I will print your picture, I will write the prayers on it and all your information and I will take it to John of God and the entities. From the moment that the entities receive your picture they will work on and with you. They will give me a recipe for medicine and I will buy the medicine. When I am back in Sweden 30th Oct I will send you the medicine with mail. 

The herbs - Passiflora 

The medicine that the entities prescribes is energy medicine. The pills contain a plant called passiflora which has no effect on the body in this dosage, and will not interfere with the western medicine, if you take any of those (which you should continue with in case you take). These pills contain instead the energy necessary for your healing. When I send you the package I will send you information about how to take them. There is a diet you need to respect during taking passiflora: no alcohol and no spicy foods including black/white peppar. These products contain energies that will interfere with the subtle energies working in the body. You will take passiflora during 40 days. 


The payment of 600 SEK should be done at the order. In the payment is included the cost for the medicine, the print, postage of medicine, a donation to the casa and John of God and an energy exchange for the time I put down. 

The healing of Casa is always free of any cost. 


Order Photo Healing

Send an email with the following information to 

  • a recent picture of you: over body and face, if possible white cloths. 
  • your full name
  • your birth date
  • adress - there you usually sleep - so the entities know where you are.
  • adress - where you want me to send the medicine 
  • your prayers/request for healing (se above information about the prayers)

Do the payment of 600 SEK to 

Paypal: Click here to initiate paypal payment! 

Swish: (only for Sweden): 0708752775 

I will process your order when the payment has arrived to my account and you will recieve a confirmation that the payment and information has been recieved. 

What happens afterwards? 

I will mail the package to you on 30 October and I will email you a confirmation about it together with information about how to take the herbs. I will be available for you on email if you have any questions or need any support regarding the herbs.